PetsBestRx Ear Wash Treatment - 2 oz.

PetsBestRx Ear Wash Treatment - 2 oz.

Pets'BestRx Ear Wash Treatment - 2 oz.

Deep penetrating skin cleaner to treat skin affected by Ear Mites, debris and irritants

Cleans and promotes healing. Safe to use on all animals including birds and reptiles.

•2 oz. / 236 ml

The colloid based Ear Wash Treatment surfactant penetrates deeply into your pet's skin and heals skin ravaged by Ear Mites. This results in immediate, soothing relief. Ear Wash Treatment offers a 100% completely SAFE, NON-TOXIC and topically applied solution for treating your pet's skin and removing debris. Treat your pet's condition with Pets'BestRx Ear Wash Treatment!


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