Orbit 10060 - 3/8 Professional Misting System for Outdoor Cooling

Orbit 10060 - 3/8 Professional Misting System for Outdoor Cooling
Installed Orbit Mist Kit
Professional 10’ Preassembled Mist Cooling System

The Professional 10’ Preassembled Mist Cooling System will reduce outdoor temperatures up to 20° F. It assembles in just minutes with ultra-durable brass slip-lok fittings that rotate 360 degrees to direct the mist anywhere you want. This high-quality flexible system can be expanded up to 120’ and allows enhanced performance with the addition of a booster pump.

Product Benefits and Warnings

Flexible Tubing consists of 10' of feed line connected to 10' of mist line creating 10' of linear mist cooling (20 sq ft of mist area. ) Expandable up to 60 nozzles with appropriate pressure. That's another 120' of mist cooling! No gluing or special tools required. Great for cooling your outdoor living areas. Connect to Orbit’s Booster Pump to expand mist up to 60 nozzles (booster pump sold separately). Reduces temperatures up to 20° F. Connects to standard outdoor faucet. UV resistant tubing. For outdoor use with cold water only. Do not use in freezing temperatures.

Installation Instructions

Create a comfortable outdoor space with Orbit’s Professional Mist Cooling System. We are going to show you just how easy installing your mist cooling system can be.

Mist Kit Contents
Kit Contents

This kit includes (10') of 3/8" Flexible Feed Line Tubing, (5) 2’ lengths of 3/8" Flexible Mist Tubing, (5) Brass Misting Nozzles, (6) Brass Slip-Lok T Fittings, (10) Hanging Clamps, (1) Hose Washer, (1) Brass Automatic Drain Valve, (1) Brass Slip-Lok End Plug, (1) T Filter, (1) Brass Slip-lock Hose Faucet Adapter.

Inspect for Leaks
Pressurize and Inspect

Next, you’ll want to test your mist system. With the mist line still attached to the water source, turn the water on to test line pressure and ensure that the fittings are properly installed. Inspect each fitting for proper function before turning off the water. If a nozzle, turn of water, and hand tighten nozzle. If a fitting is leaking, turn of water, and then reinsert fitting.

Attach Slip-Lok Tee
Assemble Mist

The first step to installing your system is assembling the mist line. To do this, insert one of the supplied pre-cut sections of tubing into the end of a Slip-Lok T Fitting with a firm “push and twist” motion. Make sure you insert the tubing past the O-ring to ensure a leak-proof seal. Continue this process until the desired length of mist line is completed. Your line should now begin and end with a Slip-Lok T Fitting. Insert the feed line into the first fitting. This will be the beginning of your mist line. In the last fitting, insert the end plug with the tabbed end out. This will be the end of your mist line.

Attach to Structure
Attach Mist

The final step to installing your Professional Mist Cooling System, is mounting the system. Begin by placing one of the hanging clamps over the mist line. Hammer the clamp into the support structure. Continue by placing a hanging clamp about 3″ from each side of every Slip-Lok T Fitting and hammer each clamp in place. You’ll want to pull your tubing slightly while applying each clamp to avoid sagging in the mist line.

Flush and attach Nozzles
Flush and Install Nozzles

The second step in the installation process is to flush and test your system. Connect the T filter it to culinary water using a standard garden hose or outdoor faucet then connect the feed line to the T Filter using the Brass Hose Adapter. This will protect your nozzles from clogging by filtering solid sediments before they pass through to the mist line. When the line is clear of debris, turn off the water and install the nozzles.

Enjoy the Cooling Power of Mist
Storage and Maintenance

To maintain drain kit before freezing temperatures and clean your nozzles once a year with Orbit’s Mist Nozzle Cleaner. Your installation is now complete! Now it’s time to turn on the water and enjoy the outdoors again! For more information or for similar products, visit us at orbitonline. com.

  • Fits pots with a rim up to 1-1/2-Inch thick
  • Flow control knob
  • Expands up to 125-feet
  • Durable PVC construction
  • Attaches to any standard garden hose
  • Voted: 2394
  • Brand: Orbit
  • Product Code: 718455100601
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  • $60.37



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