Nutra Lift Maximum C Plus Serum 1 oz. bottle

Nutra Lift Maximum C Plus Serum 1 oz. bottle

NEW , NOW WITH GROWTH FACTORS Face Firming, Refinishing & Repair with Nutra-Lift Maximum C pLUS serum. Energizes , Tightens , Brightens , Protects, Moisturizes & Nourishes ALL in One Step. WORKS AS A MILD SKIN LIGHTENER AND BRIGHTENER. Human Growth Factors are proteins produced by various cells in the human body. Their primary function is to activate cellular proliferation and differentiation. They act as chemical messengers between cells, turning essential biological activities "on" and "off," and are involved in increasing the rate of cell growth, cell division, new cell and blood vessel production, and collagen and elastin production. Scientific understanding of how HGF works has not only proven to be related to resolving many cell developmental diseases, but it also directly applies to helping someone obtain a more youthful and vibrant look to your skin, without expensive plastic surgery or Botox treatments as well as to healthy, fuller-looking hair. This extraordinary nourishing serum promotes optimal skin health & function with a high-performance complex of 5 forms of 20% Vitamin C Ester plus key nutrients for maximum results. Restores damaged skin from aging, sun, stress and poor diet. State-of-the-art proprietary technology delivers high concentrations of collagen-building vitamin C, plus clinically proven ingredients directly into the skin to help reverse visible signs of aging. In addition, the exclusive formulation contains Ionic Calcium, L-Carnitine & CO Q10, Super-Oxide Dismutase (SOD), Mushroom Beta Glucan, DMAE, Alpha Lipoic Acid and Hyaluronic Acid for maximum benefits. Reduces the look of wrinkles. Energizes , Tightens , Brightens , Protects, Moisturizes & Nourishes ALL in One Step. Nutra-Lift Maximum C Ultra makes your skin feel taut and silky. Visibly helps to improve the appearance of aging skin. Helps eliminate facial discoloration and evens out skin tone. Hydrates the skin. Increases radiance. Reduces the look of fine lines & wrinkles. Improves texture, color & tone. Scarring & discolorations of the skin are minimized with continued use. Defends against environmental free radicals. Firms, tightens & tones the skin. Now you can energize your skin with L- Carnitine & CoQ10.... Tightens your skin with Vitamin C Ester & DMAE .... Protect your skin with Powerful Super-Oxide Dismutase (SOD), & Alpha Lipoic Acid. Nourish, Moisturize & Brighten your skin with Mushroom Beta Glucan & Hyaluronic Acid. Nutra-Lift Maximum C Ultra is more than a moisturizer, more than a texturizer, it also improves tone, firmness and clarity. Nutra-Lift Maximum C Ultra the ultimate face refinishing serum.

THE PRODUCT HAS A BEIGE / TAN COLOR DUE TO THE VERY HIGH PERCENT OF NATURAL SEAWEED IN THE PRODUCT. CAN ALSO be used as a Neck & Declotage Treatment. Skin test on small section of Neck & Declotgae to test for any skin sensitivities 24 hours before use.. Cleanse area with Non-Soap Cleanser before appliaction, also use Glycolic Non-Soap Cleanser once per week to remove older surface skin and cellular residue. Apply product as needed, let dry before adding additional products and clothing.

DIRECTIONS: Wash face with non-soap, non-oil cleanser. Shake well before each application. Apply on entire face and neck area. Allow to dry before applying other products. Avoid upper eye lid area. Skin test 24 hours before use.

INGREDIENTS: Deionized water, ascorbly palmitate, ascorbly glucosamine( derived from seaweed) , magnesium ascorbly phosphate, L-ascorbic acid, tetrahexydecyl ascorbate, lecithin (phosphatidylcholine), Glycosaminoglycans HGF (growth factor), DMAE, A-lipoic acid, hyaluronic acid (pure), super-oxide dismutase (SOD), mushroom beta glucan, CoQ10, natural tocoperols (vitamin E) L-carnitine, ionic calcium, magnesium, vitamin D (ergocalciferol), boron, xanthum gum, orange rind extract, copper sulfate, zinc. Before After 3 weeks photos BY Blogger; Gigi Parker

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