Nutra Lift Derma Boost Skin Activator 4oz bottle

Nutra Lift Derma Boost Skin Activator 4oz bottle

A spa treatment in your own home! Nutra-Lift Derma Boost Skin Activator makes you skin treatments work even better. The electrical charge naturally contained in this product helps the active ingredients in your skincare be absorbed much deeper in your skin. It is rich in minerals, amino acids and vitamins to improve skin moisture, soften skin texture, and reduce visible signs of aging. Now treatments applied over the serum are better absorbed and, thus more effective. With no oils, any skin type can use it. These pure & special sea plant extracts from near the Galapagos Islands & the Irish coast, have been proven to dramatically improve skin's ability to gain moisture. The Seaweed's natural osmotic action has been clinically proven to add moisture , smooth & thicken the skin's outer layer, thus reducing the visible signs of aging. Plus these unique sea plants silken and soften the skins texture. You'll want to use it on more than just your face (use on hands, eye lids, breast, eyelids, under eyes, etc.). An Important supplement to whatever skincare regiment you now follow.

Directions: On cleansed & toned skin. Applied a thin coat of Derma Boost Skin Activator. Allow to dry. Then apply individually up to two treatments. The treatments applied over the Derma Boost are better absorbed and thus more effective. If a slight seaplant residue occurs upon application, you are putting to much on. Then pat gently with moistened fingertip if necessary.

Ingredients: Seaplant Blend Extract ( Chrondrus Crispus & Ahnfeldtia Concinna) 99% , Purified Water, DMAE, Astaxathin, agar agar ( seaweed plant thickener), Citric Acid, potassium sorbate..

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