Mieemclux 1500W LED Grow Light with Reflector, Triple-Chips 15W L...

Out Of Stock Mieemclux 1500W LED Grow Light with Reflector, Triple-Chips 15W L...

Mieemclux 1500W LED Grow Light with Reflector, Triple-Chips (15W LED) Full Spectrum LED Plant Growing Lamp with Bloom and Veg Switch for All Indoor Plants (Daisy Chained Available)

Mieemclux's LED Grow Light brings some unique advantages over competitor's brands

◆1. 90° Reflector provides super high PAR value for plants' upward facing leaves
◆2. VEG and BLOOM Channels allow increased efficiency during the plants' different growth stages.
◆3. Daisy Chain Design keeps clutter down by allowing connection of more grow lights while using fewer wall outlets.
◆4. Upgraded Triple-Chip LEDs increase efficiency while maximizing light output.
◆5. More Red color LEDs let plants enjoy the closest possible alternative to natural sunshine while maintaining high efficiency by not emitting green light which the plants do not absorb.
◆6. 36 months Warranty and 90-day money back guarantee.

✔<1>Core Coverage area: 53" * 53" (4.5*4.5 ft). Maximum coverage area: 65" * 65" (5.5*5.5 ft).
✔<2>Chip brand: Triple-Chip LEDs 15W
✔<3>LED QTY: 150PCS (red: 102, blue: 22, white: 12, warm white: 9, UV: 2, IR: 3)
✔<4>Input voltage: 85-265VAC
✔<5>Working Current: 2.35 Ampere when using 120V
✔<6>Actual Power Consumption: 260W VEG+BLOOM
✔<7>Net Weight: 6.9 pounds
✔<8>Lifespan: 100,000 hours
✔<9>Warranty: 36 Months
Dimensions : 15.8*10.2*2.4 inch ( 40*26*6cm )

What will you get?
➤1X 1500W LED grow light
➤1X US standard plug power cord
➤1X Easy adjust ratcheting hanging cord
➤1X Stainless steel cable harness
➤1X Instruction Manual

Friendly Tips:
★ Can be controlled by external timer.
★ No ballasts required.
★ Non-Waterproof, indoor use only.
★ 3PCS IR (infrared) and 1PCS UV diodes look dim, as their primary output wavelengths are invisible to the human eye.
★ To prevent dazzling, don't look at the LED source directly without the use of protective glasses.
★ Some of the LEDs stay on dimly as the light is shutting down due to power dissipation stored in the LED drivers

  • ✔ Reflector and Triple-Chip LEDs ➠ Super-High PAR Value and Triple-Chip LEDs are the shining feature of this 1500W LED grow light, Mieemclux's upgraded Reflector can withstand 120° high temperature with 90° Emitting Angle. The reflector has a good focusing effect. So The Reflector-series 1500W exhibits Double PAR Value of grow lights without a reflector, making it a professional indoor grow light.
  • ✔ VEG & BLOOM Channel ➠ VEG Channel promotes plant germination with a Power consumption of 140W. BLOOM Channel promotes flowering and fruiting with a Power consumption of 125W. Using VEG+BLOOM together (recommended for maximum flowering potential) consumes a total of 260W,We recommended hanging height is 24"- 48" above the plant canopy. Core coverage area: 53" * 53" (4.5*4.5 ft). Maximum coverage area: 65" * 65" (5.5*5.5 ft).
  • ✔ Save 80% on Electricity Bill ➠ This light can replace a traditional 1500W HPS/MH lamp while consuming only 260W total! This is possible due to the high efficiency of LEDs (very little heat generated during operation) and the ability to target specific light wavelengths that plants have been observed to rely on, thus avoiding the unnecessary production of light which plants use very little, such as green light.
  • ✔ 36 month warranty ➠ All our products boast a 36 month warranty with friendly customer service and a 90-day money back guarantee, Any quality problem, we will handle return and replacement,We bear all the freight charges, After the warranty period has passed, we will continue to offer a Lifetime customer service consultation for our products.
  • ✔ Daisy Chain Design ➠ The 1500W LED grow light comes with a built in daisy chain design to connect multiple LED lights in series. The 1500W LED operating current is 2.30A when using 120V (input 85-265VAC). The daisy chained cord is universal and is the same as the US power cord (DTOL) which is included with the purchase of this light, To ensure safety, we therefore recommend that you connect no more than 3 lights together per chain. More lights can be implemented in other chains of up to three
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