Howda SEAT Medium non-Adj

Howda SEAT Medium non-Adj
History: The HowdaSeat was launched in 1989 on a full page of the famous J. Peterman Co. Catalog ~ the catalog that was the focus of Seinfeld television show for years, and at that time was only available in natural canvas and non adjustable. This non adjustable version of our HowdaSeat is now available in a variety of canvas colors includng forest green, chosen by L. L. Bean for their catalog  and the forest green, which still holds a prominent place in the Wooden Boat Store in Maine.  Our rich cobalt blue canvas has been on the front cover of Solutions Catalog. The red canvas was a favorite of Brookstone Catalog. This is how the HowdaSeat grew in color choices as well as national sightings. The only portable, wood and canvas seat in the world to weigh in at 3lbs., easily roll and wrap into a small bundle like a newspaper, to be carried by its only strap over the wrist. So light you can carry the HowdaSeat all over the world, taking care of your back as you go. It also is the only portable seat in the world available in 5 sizes to fit 3 year olds as well as fit 300 lb. adults (XL version). All seats are now under a New patent pending for the cushioned hinge that protects the canvas and offers a smooth cushioned rocking motion.  
All our HowdaSeats are really make life easier on the back, upper and lower, as well as the neck and shoulders. This, a benefit of the winged slats, embracing and giving a lift to the entire upper body. There is no other seat, portable or otherwise, configured to do this ergonomic positioning. The HowdaSeat gives the best support necessary for reducing back pain. 
Size: 17"W X 15 1/2" H X 15 1/2"D (hinge width).
This quote came from Caroline who purchased her first HowdaSeat from the J. Peterman Co. Catalog:
"I love the HowdaSeat. I saw one in a catalog years ago and bought it. I have ordered 3 so far: one for my office, one for my car and one for a friend. I love your product." Caroline H. from Lancaster, PA 1/7/2008
"The HowdaSeat is to your back what a good pair of shoes are to your feet."  Leslie Aisner Novak, designer

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