Heat Erasable Pens for Fabric | Disappearing Ink Fabric Markers wi...

-9% Heat Erasable Pens for Fabric | Disappearing Ink Fabric Markers wi...

Heat Erasable Pens for Fabric | Disappearing Ink Fabric Markers with Mesh Bag for Sewing, Quilting, Embroidery, and Crafts (4 Gel Pens, 12 Free Refills in Blue/Red/White/Black)

Let your written instructions, designs, and patterns on fabric come to life with our Heat Erasable Pens

Now, we're turning work into fun with gel pens filled with disappearing ink. Just write or draw on any piece of cloth. With regular pens, the ink can stain or bleed through the fabric. With tailor's chalk, your marks can be messy and can rub off easily. 

You don't get these problems with our Erasable Pens. Draw extra fine 0.7mm lines smoothly and cleanly. You can even do color codes in black, white, blue, and red ink. 


When you're done cutting and sewing and you're ready to erase your patterns, just press a hot iron or blow hot air from a dryer onto the fabric. The heat-sensitive ink has pigments that turn clear when exposed to heat. In just a matter of seconds, your markings will disappear completely as if they had been erased.


  • 4 Erasable Gel Pens in red, blue, black, and white
  • 12 Extra Wide Body 4.2 mm Refills with MORE ink for FREE (3 of each color)
  • Reusable Plastic Bag to prevent ink from drying
  • Mesh Bag for convenient storage 
  • Set of Instructions for quick reference

We take extra measures in ensuring that you enjoy using our products. That is why we offer a FULL REFUND if you encounter any problem with our fabric pens.

Click on the "Buy Now" button so you can unleash your creativity in sewing, quilting, handicrafts, and embroidery with our fabric markers!

  • LARGER REFILLS FOR MORE INK: Enjoy 4 erasable markers with 0.7 mm extra fine tips and wider 4.2 mm bodies that contain double more ink than the 3 mm refills sold by other brands. This comes with 12 bonus refills (3 per color) and a convenient instruction guide.
  • WRITE ON, IRON OFF: Marking your sewing patterns on any kind of fabric has never been easier with our Erasable Pens. These gel pens contain disappearing ink that vanishes when exposed to a heat source such as an iron or a blow dryer.
  • NO MORE MISTAKES: Ever wondered how to correct a wrong pattern without creating a mess? Don't let that fabric go to waste -- our heat erasable fabric marking pens can quickly and cleanly erase any error when heated.
  • SEWING KIT STAPLE: Throw out your tailor's chalk and marking tools that stain or rub off easily. Our erasable markers in blue, red, white, and black are handy helpers in dressmaking, tailoring, and as part of your embroidery kit or quilting supplies.
  • DOUBLE STORAGE FOR LONGER LIFE: Marker ink dries quickly so we've included a reusable plastic bag where you can store the fabric markers and refills to prevent the ink from drying. An additional mesh bag keeps your pens organized and within reach anytime.
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