GrowSafe Bio-Pesticide Natural Miticide,Fungicide Insecticide.Bett...

GrowSafe Bio-Pesticide Natural Miticide,Fungicide Insecticide.Bett...

GrowSafe Bio-Pesticide Natural Miticide,Fungicide Insecticide.Better and Safer Than Other Oils for Plants,Non-Toxic,Control Spider Mites, Powdery Mildew.Concentrate (8.5oz) (33.8 Oz)


Developed in Israel by a team of highly skilled agronomists and researches

Sustainable and efficient production process has been perfected over the course of 2 years following several successful field trials



GrowSafe is a unique OMRI listed natural emulsion with two mechanism of actions:

①  Physical-Coating: Repetitive spraying produces a shiny protection layer providing defense from pest as well as their proliferation up to 7 days.

②  Phyto-Chemical: Natural plant protection elements present in the seed oil, serving as control &repellent.



◆ Organic, Food Based Ingredients, OMRI Listed

◆ Non-Toxic (tested as less toxic than milk)

◆ Non-Phytotoxic (Unique Formulation)

◆ Fresh Emulsion, long shelf life(1 year before opening the bottle / 6 months after opening opening the bottle)

◆ Kills on contact

◆ Zero pesticide residue 

◆ 100% All-natural FoodGrade Ingredients 

Can be applied by either manual or mechanical sprayer

Satisfaction Guaranteed.Full Tech Support is avail via tel. and/or email (see label)


★ Eco Friendly: ♥ Safe for bees and many other beneficial insects

★★ Additional details concerning spraying / instructions / recommendation/ mixing ration are all available on the product label (see image)


  • Unique formulation made of a proprietary blend of organic food grade ingredients that effectively eliminate, protect & repel large variety of insects and diseases at all stages (adults, larvae&eggs). Natural emulsion with two mechanism of actions: Physical-Coating / Phyto- Chemical.
  • Product developed since 2008 and sold over 65,000 gallon over the world for home and garden and agriculture market
  • KILLS ON CONTACT- Spider mite killer. Control powdery mildew, Aphids, Mealybugs and Whitefly.
  • Better and safer than other oils for plants, pesticide, spinosad and insecticidal soap.Safe for BEES and many beneficial predators, pets and the environment.Can be sprayed using any spraying equipment( pesticide sprayer, garden sprayer, weed sprayer, water spray bottle, high pressure sprayer, plant sprayer bottle).
  • 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEED- If you are not completely satisfied with our product, we will gladly refund your purchase. Our Agronomist is also avail to answer any question or concern you may have. Customer service or Agronomist my be reached at: Tel-310.853.2450
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