PetsBestRx Ear Mite Treatment Supersized Pack

PetsBestRx Ear Mite Treatment Supersized Pack

Pets'BestRx Ear Mite Supersized Pack

Ear Mites Supersized Pack - This pack is used when you want to take the more aggressive approach when healing your pet's skin ravaged by Ear Mites.

•(1) 8 oz. / 236 ml Ear Wash Treatment
•(1) 8 oz. / 236 ml Healing & Protection Spray
This Ear Mite Pack has the fighting power of removing the debris in the ear and treat the skin while protecting against infections.

The Pets'BestRx Ear Wash Treatment is a colloid based nonionic and anionic surfactant that is completely non-toxic and safe with no side-effects or dryness, and safely works in 24 to 48 hours.

Our veterinary strength Pets'BestRx Healing & Protection Spray and wound disinfectant works quickly to repair infections. It provides protection and on-contact relief of dermal and bacterial infections and works great as a preventative and a sterile ear cleaner.

About Ear Mites:

Whenever a pet (cat or dog) is scratching their ears, it should not be overlooked; your pet probably has Ear Mites. If not attended to quickly, this could lead to a serious bacterial infection and this could lead to hearing loss when the infection is bad enough. Other conditions to rule out: Ringworm infection, bacterial infection (primary or secondary to some other condition), tumors or polyps, foreign bodies (grass awn, foxtail), excessive hair in the ear canal (leading to build up of wax and debris) to name a few.

Ear mites are probably the most "well known" of ear problem possibilities, but rare in adult animals that have not had contact with a puppy or kitten that has them (most common form of transmission). Ear Mites are obligate parasites, meaning that they have to live on the host animal, so physical contact with an infected animal is necessary for spread. The Mite life cycle is 3 weeks from egg to adult, therefore the treatment must span 3 weeks to rid the pet of the infection.

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