Mist Tan Famous Daves Spray Airbrush Solution Self Tanner *20,000...

Mist Tan Famous Daves Spray Airbrush Solution Self Tanner *20,000...
There's so many Fake Self Tanners, on the market today, what makes us SO much better? Well, for a start Famous Dave hasn't just popped up out of nowhere! I've been working non-stop for the last 12 years fine-tuning our self tanning products more and more until we've reached what we firmly believe to be the Best Fake Tan you can buy in a bottle. In fact, the best Fake Tan lotion you will ever try! This is backed further by the thousands of loyal customers we have, who re-order their self tan products regularly from us! The Truth About Sunless Tanning Self Tanners: Why most self tanners do not work? Almost every self tanner on the market today has at least one of these ingredients: Stearic Acid, Triethanolamine, and/or Mineral Oil. All these ingredients have high pH levels of over 6! What does this mean? A pH of over 6 is the COLOR ORANGE! Not quite what you had in mind for a natural looking tan. Famous Dave's Self Tanner does not contain any of these ingredients, yet gives you the most natural, beautiful, and soft tan money can buy. Works great on Men and Women Famous Dave's Self Tanner is also fragrance- free. Added fragrance amplifies the odor of DHA. Being fragrance-free virtually eliminates the smell on your skin, clothes, and in your bed! And because Famous Dave's Self Tanner is loaded with natural lubricants and moisturizers, you will experience smooth, even rub in-especially right after a shower.
  • With over 20,000 testimonials from satisfied customers
  • Famous Dave's Mist Tan - Get amazing results in the privacy of your own home.
  • Professional tanning formula designed to give you a totally natural-looking salon-quality tan. Developed using a blend of natural ingredients including moisturizers, tan enhancers and skin smoothers, our natural tanning spray gives you an instant, streak-free and non-sticky tan that lasts up to 7 days depending on your skin type.
  • Contains a guide color and can also be used with an air compressor and air brush system.
  • For Men and Women For over 15 years - Famous Dave's products have been formulated and manufactured not just for women, but for men as well. In fact, it was initially formulated for the male body building industry. Famous Dave's has stayed away from perfumes, floral, and powdery scents that most other self tanning brands use. Our tanners will not "smell" like make-up. Most Famous Dave's self tanners have no added fragrance or light coconut scent. And don't forget all of our products are presented in our beautiful high quality unisex bottles.
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