Cellular Skin RX Fresh Pout Lip Balm

Cellular Skin RX Fresh Pout Lip Balm

15 ml squeeze tube

Fresh Pout Lip Balm hydrates and smooths lips so they look fresh and plump. Palmitoyl Oligopeptide stimulates glycos-aminoglycans and collagen production to smooth and plump. Glyco-Ceramides hydrate lips, adding moisture and volume to keep your lips looking their freshest, smoothest, their most plump. We don’t use any irritating ingredients to cause your lips to swell painfully. Who wants a “fat lip” when you can have a Fresh Pout? Comes in a very generous-sized 15 ml tube (others offer measly 2ml and 6ml sizes) that will keep your lips at top volume, looking delectably fresh, pouty, and plump. This formula has a slick, shiny finish. If you prefer a creamy, thick texture, try CSRx Lip Remodeling Treatment.

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