Cellular Skin RX Firming Densifier

Cellular Skin RX Firming Densifier

Chaotic-That’s what aging skin’s cellular matrix looks like under a microscope. A disorganized cellular matrix equals thin, wrinkled, paper-y skin. There’s a fibroblast over there – and then some elastin over here, and a few new cells in that corner. This is NOT what young, firm skin looks like.

Get your skin firm and organized again with our new Firming Densifier Active Treatment Moisturizer. Firming peptides Rubixyl and Matrixyl Synthe6, NIACINAMIDE, Red Algae extract, Mung Bean Sprout stem cells, Carob Seed extract and Sea Buckthorn Oil come together in a super-intensive firming, hydrating, super moisturizer cream for aging skin. Gradually, skin is repaired and reorganized into a tighter, firmer stronger cellular matrix. Skin becomes smoother, more elastic, even contoured. Over about 28 days, volume (yes, volume) and density are increased.

So what causes this disorganization? Chronological aging, smoke, pollution, sunlight and excess sugar intake. The latter is especially damaging to skin as it promotes a process called GLYCATION. What is Glycation?  Simply put, it’s when skin proteins are bonded without the proper enzymes being present. The resulting cellular matrix is brittle and stiff instead of supple and elastic. Red Algae extract reduces the level of glycation end products that damage the skin and restores the normal organization of the collagen and elastin matrix. Skin becomes firmer overall. In-vivo studies show that this process generally takes about 28 days.

Firming peptides Rubixyl and Matrixyl Synthe6 restore key epidermal proteins, replenish keratin, elastins, and lipid ceramides, and rebuild structural collagens. Think of these two peptides as your “facial architects” building strong, volumized line-free skin.

Carob Seed Extract helps disorganized, damaged skin cells to recover, reducing redness and tissue damage from glycation and free radicals.

NIACINAMIDE (B3) helps skin retain it’s natural epidermal barrier protection. As that barrier is strengthened, skin is better able to keep moisture in and irritants out. Redness and inflammation are visibly reduced. Sea Buckthorn oil replenishes natural skin lipids, also helping to protect the epidermis.

Garden Sprout (Swiss Garden Cress) supports your skin’s natural ability to clear away toxic enzymes while Mung Bean Sprout Stem Cells enhance firmness and elasticity.

Generously-sized with an average of 200 pumps in each bottle. Usually two pumps each night are all most complexions will need.

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