Cellular Skin RX F*a*C*E Synergy Serum

Cellular Skin RX F*a*C*E Synergy Serum

1.0 oz (30 ml) White Dropper Bottle

This powerful serum is a nutritional cocktail for your skin. Ferulic Acid combines with 20% Vitamin C (L-ascorbic acid), 5% Vitamin E (tocopherol), Vitamin B5 (pantothenic acid) plus NIACINAMIDE to create a synergistic effect: the total effectiveness of this combination of ingredients is much more powerful than if each ingredient was used alone.

If you have problems with dark patchy skin, post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation and melasma, this combination serum combines the perfect cocktail of ingredients to synergistically achieve excellent results – visibly and quickly.

Ferulic Acid stabilizes vitamin C and also doubles the effectiveness of both vitamin C and E. On its own, ferulic acid helps to regulate cellular metabolism and prevent premature aging due to oxidation, especially when caused by UV radiation.

Niacinamide lightens and brightens the skin. Also know as Vitamin B3, niacinamide prevents the skin cells that create melanin from transferring the darker pigment to the surface of the skin where unsightly darker spots appear. The result is an overall lightening and brightening effect. Niacinamide also stimulates skin to maintain its proper lipid barrier thus keeping irritants out. The result is a significant reduction in redness and flaring inflammation.

Vitamin B5 helps with tissue repair and keeps skin hydrated.

Vitamins C AND E provide powerful antioxidant protection against UV radiation. Additionally, vitamin C stimulates collagen synthesis and limits melanocyte production to help clear away age spots and post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation caused by old blemishes.

For more information on which serum is better for your skin issue, vitamin C+ Firming serum or F*a*C*E Synergy serum, see Dr Glow Girl’s Blog post here.

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