Cellular Skin RX Antioxidant Defense Complex

Cellular Skin RX Antioxidant Defense Complex

Use with any other skin care product! Layer under vitamin C+ Firming serum for the ultimate in antioxidant protection.

18 powerful antioxidants, more than any other skin serum, defend your skin against the root cause of almost every skin care problem: FREE RADICALS. Acne, premature aging, hyperpigmentation, surface dryness, loss of firmness, redness and irritation are only a few skin problems with free radicals as their root cause.

Free radicals come from all parts of your life: exercise, sunlight, smoke, air pollution, ozone in airplane cabins, even poorly formulated skin care and sunscreen products. These highly unstable molecules attack healthy cells and tissues triggering inflammation and the start of the premature aging cascade. Young cells are programmed to make antioxidant enzymes that naturally keep free radicals under control. As we age and are exposed to free radicals over time, our cells begin to lose the battle against free radicals. This is what molecular biologists refer to as “oxidative stress”. In other words, there are more free radicals than your cells can control. By the age of 30, every cell in your body is thought to be in a state of oxidative stress. CSRx Antioxidant Defense Complex is formulated to control EVERY form of free radical that contributes to oxidative stress and harms your skin.

This complex is powered by 18 high potency antioxidants  that allow you to control and eliminate free radicals threatening the health of your skin.

  • 6 Superfruits – Acai Berry Extract, Gogi Fruit Extract, and Noni Fruit Extract, Mangosteen, Pomegranate and Coffee Berry – rank among the most powerful in the natural antioxidant grading system.
  • White Tea Extract and Green Tea Extract neutralize free radicals from smog, tobacco smoke and other forms of air pollution for fresh, hydrated, comfortable skin – no matter how bad the air gets. Additionally, Green Tea Extract protects against UVB-induced photo-aging and wrinkle formation.
  • Astaxanthin. The most potent antioxidant carotenoid found to date. An orange pigment from micro algae, it is 1000 times stronger than vitamin E, protects from inflammation, surface dryness, DNA damage by UV radiation and ozone, and interrupts the aging process aggravated by sugar, browned food and alcohol.
  • Ergothioneine. A superior antioxidant to CoQ10 and Idebenone, this unique amino acid found in mushrooms is the key energizing antioxidant for your cells. Protects from ozone in smog and plane cabins, brightens your skin and interrupts the aging process aggravated by sugar, browned food and alcohol.
  • Garden Sprout extract supports your skin’s natural detoxifying enzymes – enhancing cellular resistance to and the elimination of environment toxins.
  • Pear, Hibiscus and Assafoetida protect from sunlight-derived free radicals that damage DNA and are at the root of wrinkle formation, inflammation and skin sensitivity.
  • Omega-rich Sunflower and Safflower oils keep your skin soft, hydrated and calm by fighting off free radicals that destroy your skin’s natural moisture barrier.
  • Thermus Ferment Extract repairs and protects against heat-activated free radicals that destroy DNA, cell membranes and skin-protecting lipids.
  • Lipochroman-6 – a vitamin E-like molecule – targets nitrogen free radicals known to damage DNA, falter youthening proteins, increase inflammation and trigger cell death.
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