Amor 36 Colors Air Dry Clay Safety Ultra Light DIY Modeling Magic ...

Amor 36 Colors Air Dry Clay Safety Ultra Light DIY Modeling Magic ...

Amor 36 Colors Air Dry Clay Safety Ultra Light DIY Modeling Magic Clay with Tools for Children (0.65oz-0.7oz Per Color)

36 Colors Clay Set Ultra-light Safety DIY Air Dry Clay Modeling Magic for Cinco De Mayo

✓1.The clay is easy to shape, good malleability. Soft but not mess sticky will not make your house dirty.
✓2.Playing the clay with your children and improve their creativity, practical ability, and the relationship between parents and children.
✓3.The tough feeling of the clay is very soft, but easy to shape any modeling, the modeling can be fixed with natural air.

✓1.Ultra light, ultra soft, super clean, not sticky, leaving no residue.
✓2.A variety of colors, you can use a large proportion of the basic colors to deploy a variety of colors, mixed color easy, easy to operate.
✓3.Does not need to bake, natural air dry, dry will not crack.
✓4.With the paper, glass, metal, or lace, beads have excellent adhesion.After drying and shaping, can use color watercolor, oil paint, acrylic paint, nail polish, have a very high tolerance.
✓5.Drying rate depends on the size of the work, the general surface drying time of about 3 hours, completely dry will take about 24 hours.
✓6.The works can be preserved for 4 to 5 years without deterioration does not mildew.
✓7.Easy to save raw materials,add some water moisture in the drying time, and can restore.

✓1.The product non-toxic and environmental protection, but please wash your hands after use to pay attention to health. ✓2.To fully knead the product before use. ✓3.Please avoid direct sunlight. ✓4.If there is a little dry when using,please spray a little water. ✓5.After completed, please dry naturally, no heating drying. ✓6.Clay is not suitable for children under the age of three, beware of children swallowed. ✓7.Clay is easy to mix color, different colors should be kept separately.
  • ❤SAFETY- Magic Clay is non-toxic, odorless, non-greasy.
  • ❤PACKAGE- 36×Magic Clay, 20×Eyes, 10×Noses, 9×Fruit Mould, 8×Fishbone + Key chains, 6×Hanging Rings, 5×Polyfoam Balls, 3×Tools, 3×Key chains +Ring, 2×Suckers.
  • ❤SOFT & NON-STICKY- The clay is smooth and stretchy, help you build modeling easily, and it will dry quickly with natural air.
  • ❤COLORS- One kit has 36 colors, and you can mix the colors to create a unique new color.
  • ❤ATTENTION- Not suitable for children under 3 years old.
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