iHealth Blood Glucose Test Strips 50 Count

iHealth Blood Glucose Test Strips 50 Count

iHealth Blood Glucose Test Strips (50 Count)

You Can't Change What You Don't Measure

Take control of your diabetes with iHealth Blood Glucose Test Strips. Use them with the iHealth Align and Wireless Smart Gluco-Monitoring System for reliable and accurate readings every time, whenever, wherever. Scan the QR code on the bottle with the Gluco-Smart app to track quantity and expiration date, so you never run out of strips. Get a read on your blood sugar with iHealth Blood Glucose Test Strips.

•25 test strips per container (2 containers)
•Free Gluco-Smart app tracks quantity and expiration date
•Compatible with iHealth Align and Wireless
•Incompatible with non-iHealth glucose monitoring systems
•Smart Gluco-Monitoring System
•Reliable, accurate readings every time
•Go-anywhere container makes measuring easy, wherever you are!

If one type of strips is selected (e.g. EGS2003) in the app, do not use other strip types (e.g. AGS1000I) to avoid any wrong results. If you change the type of strips, remember that you have to change it accordingly in the app.
  • Package includes 50 strips. Affordably priced to fit in everyone's budget
  • Conveniently placed in two vials to keep your strips fresh and less exposure to light, air, and moisture which preserves the quality of the product
  • Works exclusively with iHealth Glucometers. Keep track of your readings through our free Gluco-Smart app and send your results to your health care provider directly from your smart phone
  • Test strips expire 12 to 15 months from date of manufacturing. FDA approved. Operating conditions 50°F - 95°F
  • Get results instantaneously with a tiny sample (0.7 micro liter) of blood
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  • Brand: iHealth
  • Product Code: AGS-1000I Test Strip
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