Blumat TROPF Medium Deluxe DRIP Irrigation KIT 12-Pack: Automat...

Blumat TROPF Medium Deluxe DRIP Irrigation KIT 12-Pack: Automat...

Blumat (TROPF Medium Deluxe DRIP Irrigation KIT (12-Pack): Automatic Watering System for Outdoor Plants, Planters, and Decks

This Blumat Kit with reservoir will keep your plants happy by watering them only when they need it. Blumats can sense how moist/dry your soil is, and deliver water based on the setting you apply. You'll throw away your complicated drip irrigation systems and fancy combinations of pumps, timers, controllers, etc. after seeing how simple delivering automatic water for plants can be. This kit includes: 12x Blumat carrots (5") 7x meters (23 feet) of 8mm tubing 2x 8mm Tee splitters 1x 8mm Elbow splitter 1x 8mm Hose coupler 1x 8mm Hose end-piece (3mm x 8mm elbow) 2x rain barrel/gravity tank connectors (bulkheads) and installation instructions 1x 8mm on/off valve 1x pipette (removes bubbles from Blumats to ensure proper function) 1x 5-gallon reservoir with thru-hulls (bulkheads) already installed to attach to Blumat 8mm line Once you get your blumat tropf system set up, you'll be able to take no-stress vacations and will come back to a thriving garden. Your plants will never even know you left! This is truly the ideal vacation plant watering system.
  • SMALL GARDEN IRRIGATION SYSTEM - Includes everything you need to water 12 plants
  • AUTOMATIC DRIP SYSTEM - These plant watering stakes work without power, batteries, pumps, or timers!
  • NO GREEN THUMB REQUIRED - A foolproof kit anyone can easily install
  • DEPENDABLE - Superior to terracotta watering spikes, glass globes, or clay watering stakes
  • STOP OVER/UNDER-WATERING - Automatically maintain an even moisture level
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