AGLEX 2000 LED Plant Grow Light 3x4ft Dimmable Sunlike Full Spectr...

AGLEX 2000 LED Plant Grow Light 3x4ft Dimmable Sunlike Full Spectr...

AGLEX 2000 LED Plant Grow Light 3x4ft Dimmable Sunlike Full Spectrum with 3030 Leds & UL Listed IP65 Waterproof Driver Zero Noise Grow Lamp for Hydroponic Greenhouse Indoor Seeding Veg and Bloom K2000

  • BOOM YIELD LED GROW LIGHT, NEWEST SMD 3030 LED TECHNOLOGY - Bigger size, super bright high efficient SMD 3030 led technology provide highest PPFD/LUMEN output(1913umol/), makes you get 30% higher yield compare OLD led lights, can get max yield at 2.4g/watt, less pay but get more yield, bring a amazing grow trip to any home grower.
  • OPTIMAL SUNLIKE SPECTRUM, NICE ON EYES - Consist of full spectrum White 3500K 6500K and Red 660nm LEDs, infinitely close to natural light, providing everything plants desired in the natural sunlight. It's suitable for all plants growing stages, rapides plant response from seed to flower to harvest, increasing yield & crop quality. Uniform and wide-beam light distribution for your plant's optimal growth. No more red/blue light. All sunlike spectrem, it's really nice on the eyes.
  • FLEXIBLE 10-LEVEL DIMMING, VERY CONVENIENT - There is a dimmer knob built right into the grow light panel, featured to manipulate the light brightness and intensity at liberty from 0%-100%, provides desired needs for plants in all stages from veg to bloom. It is definitely very convenient when using it for vegging so you can turn it down on the young plants. In flower, you just leave it on 100%, allowing plants flexibility to obtain perfect growth performance.
  • WELL MADE & ENERGY SAVING - No fans zero noise. Large areas of solid aluminum heat sinks help you to achieve the ideal cooling system. Adopts high safety performance UL waterproof driver to achieve high PAR output, longer lifespan to speed up plant's grow processes and boost yields while saving you on your energy bill.Only consume 180 Watt true output with 320 LEDS! It saves up to 80% energy than other led grow lights. Suggest to hang height at 12"-32", Perfect coverage is 3x4ft at 22".
  • What Do You Get - AGLEX LED Grow Light, UL Power Cord, Stainless steel hanger, User Manual, 3 Years Warranty and 30 days money back guarantee. And Friendly In-time Customer Services.
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