476g 10 Bags Coe90 Fusing Glass for Microwave Kiln

476g 10 Bags Coe90 Fusing Glass for Microwave Kiln

476g (10 Bags) Coe90 Fusing Glass for Microwave Kiln

What is the kiln

Microwave kiln is a new type of high temperature oven for glass melting or softening and it is popular in Europe and the United States areas.It can reach to 900°C (1650 °F) when operating.For heating about 5 minutes,small pieces of glass will be heated to soften shape and glass reprocessing completes.It is compact,safe,convenient,energy saving,environmental proctection and high efficiency.It is a good tools for lampwork glass art processin


1. Use of microwave kiln must be padded kiln paper, otherwise the glass will stick on the kiln tray. Replace each time using new kiln paper.

2. If the microwave kiln is wet, the kiln paper is black and yellow instead of white. So the microwave kiln storage to be moisture-proof treatment.

3. Do not put the hot microwave kiln on the microwave oven, wood products, plastic cooling.

4. Do not open the microwave kiln when cooling, cold air instantly into the microwave kiln high heat environment, will cause damage to the microwave kiln.

Microwave kiln of Characteristics

Safety: microwave kiln material for high temperature heat-resistant fiber, although the maximum temperature inside the kiln up to 900°C, but the surface temperature is only about 70°C, as long as the operation properly there will be no danger

Convenience: As long as a set of microwave kiln sets and a home microwave oven, you can become jewelry designer. Simple operation, just 6 minutes to complete a work of art.

Creative: it is popular in Europe and the United States, Japan and South Korea and other regions, so fashionable and elegant art, how can you miss. To achieve childhood whimsy,DIY kiln let you experience the creative fun.

DIY benefits: ease the pressure, cultivate sentiment, self-cultivation and physical experience

DIY kiln advantages: small, safe, environmentally friendly, energy saving and convenient
  • Microwave kiln glass kits is tool for making DIY glass jewelry
  • Specially designed for use in the microwave kiln
  • Coe 90 glass
  • Including 2 melt glass,2 Millefiori glass,2 Confetti Glass,2 Glass frits,2 dichroic bits glass
  • Great for Jewelry Making or embellishments to fused glass plates, platters or bowls. works great in microwave kilns.
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