300pcs/bag Climbing Strawberry Seeds red Strawberry Organic Heirlo...

Out Of Stock 300pcs/bag Climbing Strawberry Seeds red Strawberry Organic Heirlo...

300pcs/bag Climbing Strawberry Seeds red Strawberry Organic Heirloom Fruit Vegetable Seeds Bonsai Potted Plant for Home Garden

The main points of spring sowing are as follows: [Seedling preparation] Select fertile soil and apply sufficient base fertilizer. Base fertilizer is dried with manure, then crushed and applied to the seedling-raising field which is still to be ploughed. The amount of fertilizer applied is 5-10 Jin per square metre, and compound fertilizer should be added appropriately. After spreading fertilizer, careful tillage should be carried out, and the depth can be about 33 centimeters. After ploughing, it is necessary to rake fine and flat, and to make ridges with width of 0.8-1 m and length of 8-10 m, so as to make the ridges horizontal, so as to facilitate drainage and irrigation and management. [Soil preparation] Covering soil is used to cover the border after sowing. Silt loam or fine sand is the best choice for covering (covering soil needs rubble or gravel). [Seed treatment] First, the seeds were soaked in warm water of 60-70 C, and stirred continuously until the water temperature dropped to about 25 C. After soaking for 2 to 3 hours, remove and rub with your hands until the seed coat is clean and glossy. Then rinse it with clean water and cover it with several layers of wet gauze. The germination was accelerated at 25-30 C. Wet the gauze with warm water three times a day (morning, noon and evening) to keep the seeds moist. The seeds can be sown after 60-70% of the seeds are exposed to white. [Sowing] Before sowing, irrigate the border field with small water first, then rake the surface of the border with a rake. When the water seeps into the border, the seeds can be planted. Strawberry seeds are small, sowing is better. The suitable sowing quantity is 2.5-4.5 grams per square metre. After sowing, the covering soil for the preparation of the bed is evenly spread on the bed surface. Cover thickness of 0.3-0.5 cm is appropriate, and shade with straw mat, to be scattered after seedling.
  • Product Type:Strawberry Seeds , Type:Landscape Plant
  • Applicable Constellation:Taurus
  • Style:Perennial, Full-bloom Period:Summer, Cultivating Difficulty Degree:Very Easy, Climate:Temperate
  • Function:Air Purification, Location:Courtyard, Flowerpot:Excluded, Classification:Mini Garden, Use:Outdoor Plants
  • Variety:strawberry|variety:Strawberry Seeds, |Sementes De Flores:Flower Raras Perennial|new year Gifts:De efecto invernadero para el jardin|Exotic Plants:Plante, outdoor, Houseplants|Four Seasons flower:Goods For The Garden And Cottages|Fleur et plante:Purify The Air Absorb Harmful Gases|Maintenance difficulty:Very Easy grow in bonsai|Flowers for the garden:Sementes mini jardim|Perennial Garden Flowers:The Germination Rate 95%
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