25cm 9.84 350W 110V Electric Pottery Wheel Ceramic Machine Work C...

25cm 9.84 350W 110V Electric Pottery Wheel Ceramic Machine Work C...

25cm 9.84" 350W 110V Electric Pottery Wheel Ceramic Machine Work Clay Art Craft

1.The machine is based on the advanced equipment at home and abroad, based on the combination of professional pottery and children's ceramic teaching and urban entertainment pottery and the actual requirements of the development of a new type of drawing machine
The machine has a beautiful appearance, So that the structure is compact: small footprint: good mud blocking (to prevent mixing chaos rejection)
Flexible operation; smooth speed; low noise; and forward and reverse switching, etc.
The machine power supply using single-phase, three-wire access leakage protection device, safe and reliable operation

Operation steps:
1. Insert the power plug of the pottery machine into the 110V power socket, turn on the black leakage protection switch, and the power indicator light is on
2. According to your working habit, turning the rotation direction switch(forward or reverse)
3. Use foot pedal to control speed,the working turntable speed starts to increase until it meets the working speed

Maintenance and cautions:
1. When using the pottery machine, it is recommended to put an extra small water basin in the water basin(on the machine) to facilitate the cleaning of the clay in the hand
2. The water in the basin of the pottery machine must not exceed the height of the turntable bottom
3. Usually pay attention to cleanliness, in case there is clay entering the bearing, long-term accumulation will affect the life of the machine
4. When you don't use the machine, please turn off the leakage protection switch and return the rotation direction switch to its original position
  • Material: Metal + Aluminum Alloy
  • Size: Approx. 52 x 40x 40cm/20.47" x 15.7" x 15.7''
  • Wheel Diameter: 25cm/9.84''
  • Rated Voltage: AC 110V; Power: 350W
  • Speed: 0-300r/min inorganic speed
  • Voted: 396
  • Brand: TaiShi
  • Product Code: Pottery-Machine-Red
  • Availability: In Stock
  • $200.40



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