Life Miracle LiquiVive Collagen Drink - 16 oz.

Life Miracle LiquiVive Collagen Drink - 16 oz.

Liquid collagen protein, safe and effective method to support strong bone and connective tissue, rejuvenate aging skin, hair and nails.

Collagen is the raw material that makes up your body. Replenishing it can help support an increased metabolism and give you a firm, toned and more youthful looking physique – as well as improve your skin elasticity and joint function. In short, give you comprehensive anti-aging results, and help reverse the typical signs af aging.

LiquiVive liquid collagen protein utilizes Colizyme, a proprietary pure liquid collagen protein that is predigested by papain, a fruit enzyme, creating a hydrolyzed collagen drink for fast and complete assimilation by the body. It is backed by 4 U.S. patents, and is the original formula used for over 32 years by over 3,800 physicians, clinics and hospitals.
FACT: Collagen is the most abundant substance in our body next to water (nearly 30% of our body by volume), and is critical to our health and well being. After the age of thirty, we begin to lose our natural collagen at the rate of at least 1% per year. The effects from this depletion begin to become visible after reaching this age.

We start to experience more aches and pains, our activity levels and performance start to decrease, weight gain starts to occur, and we start experiencing wrinkles, hair loss, decreased muscle tone, and reduced stamina and energy. These are the natural consequences of aging, and what we all experience at different degrees as we grow older. One theory of the aging process that is growing in mainstream acceptance, is that aging occurs in large part to the loss of our natural collagen over time.

To counteract the loss of collagen and rejuvenate our aging bodies, we can now replenish our bodies by supplementing with a high potency, extremely bio-available liquid collagen protein.* If we are losing a major building block of our body and are experiencing the collagen protein womanside effects of that loss, doesn't is make sense that we can begin to counteract those effects by replacing what we have lost via supplementation?

Much different from other protein sources or supplements, LiquiVive’s proprietary collagen protein formula called Colizyme contains high ratios of the unique nitrogen rich amino acids Glycine, Proline, Hydroxyproline and Arginine.

These amino acids have been independently shown to benefit weight loss, bone and connective tissue, improvements in skin appearance, optimal body growth and repair, increased metabolism, support of growth hormone levels and healing, especially wounds. They also maintain lean body mass which helps provide a firm toned and more youthful looking body – as well as help improve skin elasticity and joint function.*

Adults thirty years and older (particularly ladies) spend a great deal of money on expensive skin and hair care products. The beauty products industry is enormous, and equates to tens of billions of dollars annually. You spend your money on skin creams, cosmetics and hair care products for your body's exterior, but what are you doing about what you're putting inside your body?

Beauty from within is not just a heartfelt euphemism, it is a scientific fact. What you put into your body over time will manifest itself on the outside in the form of the quality of your skin and hair, wrinkles and other markers of aging. Collagen is the foundation for the long term maintenance of your overall beauty, joint comfort, energy and muscle tone. It is a scientific method and philosophy of "inside out" beauty rather than "outside in".  All of the skincare lotions in the world won't replace the collagen you are naturally losing that is causing your face, body and hair to appear older. Only taking collagen internally can you replace that lost collagen.

Colizyme is enzymatically pre-digested (hydrolyzed) to ensure rapid and maximum absorption. Colizyme breaks down the protein in a similar manner to the way your body would – with natural enzymes. Since the protein is broken down to its smallest components, your body optimally absorbs it after ingestion.

LiquiVive Liquid Collagen:

  • Is an essential anti-aging supplement that targets skin care problems and supports overall skin, hair and connective tissue function and structure throughout the entire body.
  • Builds and strengthens bone matrix. Collagen is the mechanical strength of bone, and the "glue" that holds it all together. Can correct weak, broken, split, ridged and damaged nail beds and thicken fine hair.
  • Repairs connective tissues for improved elasticity, improves blood vessel quality to help improve circulation, and can help promote wound healing and a clearer complexion.


  • Proprietary Colizyme delivers the highest amount of protein in the smallest possible serving size —15g protein per 30mL (1 fl oz).
  • Superior protein for human consumption, because collagen is the same protein our bodies are made up of.
  • Ready-to-use liquid supplement. No mixing required.
  • Liquid delivery perfect for people unable to swallow pills, or difficulty consuming solids.
  • A major factor in promoting positive nitrogen balance and increasing NPU (Net Protein Utilization).
  • Hydrolyzed (pre-digested) by fruit enzymes, providing rapid absorption, even with impaired gastric processes.
  • Contains high nitrogen amino acids - Arginine, Glycine, Proline and Hydroxyproline that support rapid new protein growth, tissue healing, and protect lean body mass, and provide high Net Protein Utilization (NPU).
  • A convenient way to start building back the collagen your body needs, and has lost over time.
  • Supports the promotion of tissue healing and weight stabilization.
  • Wheat, Lactose and Gluten Free.
  • Backed by four “method of use in humans" US patents: 4,025,650; 4,042,687; 4,042,688; 4,053,589.
  • Supports the reduction of body fat, while maintaining and building lean muscle tissue.
  • May help to naturally increase your metabolism.
  • Supports the promotion of higher energy levels, while promoting better, more natural sleep patterns.
  • Supports healthy joint function.
  • Supports skin, hair and nail growth, and quality

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