Dr. Ci:Labo Dr. ci:labo extreme close up cleansing gel (make up re...

Dr. Ci:Labo Dr. ci:labo extreme close up cleansing gel (make up re...
"EXTREME CLOSE UP CLEANSING GEL" is a creamy cleanser dedicated to providing "high cleansing power" to thoroughly remove makeup and excess sebum while ensuring "gentleness to the skin" at the same time.The creamy cleanser, which is formulated with coconut oil, olive oil and other plant derived cleansing ingredients, achieves "superior cleansing power" while it works well with the skin and provides excellent moisture retention.Moreover, this product is formulated with "White Peel ingredients (lactic acid and malic acid)," which remove not just makeup and excess sebum but also the thickened dead skin cells that will otherwise cause dullness and dark spots, thus gently promoting skin turnover and making the skin smooth.This creamy cleanser is also formulated with VC-IP (oil soluble vitamin C derivative), "Vitamin C Cocktail," a complex of three water soluble vitamin C derivatives, and three types of botanical Brightening extracts.These Brightening ingredients remove makeup, debris, dirt, pollutants and other impurities, and then tighten pores and condition the skin to refine the texture and make the surface smooth and bump-free, thus creating the synergies of general brightening and three-dimensional brightening. This is the essence of Dr. Ci:Labo's "Three Dimensional Skin Beauty Theory."Our commitment to superior functionality and great convenience has made it possible to use this product even with wet hands while in the shower. The grapefruit fragrance of this product gives one refreshed skin and a feeling of refreshment.
  • Dr. Yoshinori Shirono, General Director of the Shirono Clinics, is one of the few doctors in Japan specializing in dermatological laser surgery.
  • His search for the best post surgical and post laser treatment for the skin lead him to experiment with leading edge scientific ingredients and traditional herbal formulas.
  • Japan's No. 1 Medical Cosmetics
  • Dr. Shirono's development concept was to create naturally derived product that "eliminated all unnecessary ingredients, formulating only those vital to promote the skin's natural power to preserve its beauty and vitality."
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