Langxun 40 Number 0-9 Thickened Gold Foil Digital Air-filled / He...

Langxun 40 Number 0-9 Thickened Gold Foil Digital Air-filled / He...

How to Properly Use Aluminum Foil Balloons:

1 Blow air into the balloons must be slow, the available pump charge to 90%, then Straw gas blowing, easy to control, so as not to break. If there are 2 layers of aluminum foil sticky situation, must stop inflating, gently opened the 2 layer of aluminum foil and then inflated, or easy to damage.

2 Sharp objects / not clean the ground / sun direct and excessive extrusion, it is easy to let the balloon damage, burst.

3 Should be folded flat foil balloons to save, can not crumpled, keep dry, water can not be wiped.

4 Because the gas thermal expansion and contraction, or winter temperature reduced, should be inflated to the aluminum foil balloon; and the summer temperatures rise, should be appropriate to foil balloons deflated, so as to avoid expansion rupture. Foil balloons filled with helium or hydrogen, generally only floating 24-72 hours and the latex balloon filled with helium and hydrogen can only float 6-12 hours so helium, hydrogen must be inflated on the use of the day.

5 The balloon may have slight leakage of the individual, after all is factory mass production, with transparent glue can remedy the emergency.

Why the balloon filled with helium and hydrogen only float for 12-36 hours?

When the balloon filled with helium or hydrogen, because these atoms of the gas is very small, can penetrate foil balloons, so the balloon will inevitably slow leak. In general, filled with helium or hydrogen balloon can float in the air about 1-3 days, the balloon will be deflated slowly, it is normal for good quality aluminum foil balloon.

But if the balloon is filled with air, good quality of the balloon is normally not leak, it can last for several months or even half an year

  • This is a digital balloon price and you will receive 1 pcs balloons Which number you want.
  • The balloon is thickened and the Material is aluminum film,you can use helium to float the balloon.
  • You can use the pump or straw to blow the balloon.When the inflation is completed, please put the ball to pinch flat, the ball comes automatically sealing glue! Can use the straws to suck out the helium and reuse the balloons
  • Because of the particularity balloon, we cannot open to check the balloons. The disqualification rate is 0.5%.If have any quality problems, please contact us and we will help you solve it.
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