Garden Seeds

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Start seeds and root cuttings right with OASIS® HORTICUBES®. Because cubes are pH neutral and extrem..
Hydrofarm;Commercial Enclosed DE reflector;double-ended;HID;lighting;HPS;high-pressure sodium;hydrop..
A-Ok Starter Plugs for starting seeds and rooting of cuttings prior to plugging into the larger Gro-..
This 3-stage reverse osmosis unit is ideal for fresh water applications, drinking and more. Comes wi..
Hydro Organics;Earth Juice;Bloom Master 0-5-30;40 lb;fertilizer;hydroponics;soil;soillessConcentrate..
hydrofarm;active air;CO2 regulator;climate control;CO2 drilled tubing;CO2 system;100' drilled;100' r..
Basic and easy to use, the iGS-021 temperature controller will operate your heating or cooling equip..
Entry level, inexpensive Dissolved Oxygen Portable Meter for fast and reliable results. The MISM600 ..
This 6"H x 16"W x 24"L garden with 6 individual planters allows you to rotate or add new plants as y..
Keep your plants from dying of heat stress or overheating once temperatures reach unacceptable level..
Hydrofarm’s new Designer T5 System delivers performance, flexibility, and high lumen output in any g..
Perfect for growing wheatgrass. This traditional sized thermoformed tray is reliable and sturdy. Des..
Seed starting trays are great for use in any garden indoors or outdoors and they can be cleaned and ..
Breakthrough 5.5 pH Technology! Made to match healthy skin's natural 5.5 pH levels to ensure the mos..
100 count 2 1/4'' Square x 3 1/4" Deep plastic pots. This size is commonly called a "Rose Pot". Grea..
Standard vacuum flats are made of Polystyrene and can be used with our vacuum inserts. These trays m..