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100 count 2 1/4'' Square x 3 1/4" Deep plastic pots. This size is commonly called a "Rose Pot". Grea..
The AmScope B100 compound binocular microscope has a pair of 10x widefield eyepieces, a forward-faci..
The AmScope B330B compound binocular microscope has interchangeable pairs of 10x widefield and 20x w..
The AmScope B390C full-sized compound binocular microscope has a sliding head, interchangeable pairs..
This is a high quality dry darkfield condenser (N.A. 0.9) for infinity compound microscopes. Featur..
The Maxsa 40330 solar-powered flood light illuminates flags, signs, house numbers, statuary, landsca..
Thermo-Guard FR offers the best in head and sound insulation.This lightweight, durable shield does e..